Membership Levels

Membership is open to all persons regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or physical ability who are at least twenty-one (21) years of age. To provide a source of communication and information for compatible and like minded individuals involved in or actively pursuing an interest in the leather/SM/fetish lifestyle.  We raise funds for deserving projects, clubs, organizations, or charities which have given direct support to the leather, BDSM, and fetish community. We are also working to preserve a record of our history, traditions and culture within our own club as well at through other Leather Organizations.

A Full Member is one who has completed a Pledge period and has been accepted by the others a Brother/Sister of the Club.  They can hold Board office and are the backbone of the club.  Full Member Application 

Affiliate Member is reserved for members of other like-minded clubs or organizations. There are Active and Inactive Affiliate Memberships. An applicant for Affiliate Membership must be approved by the eligible voting Members present.  Affiliate Application 

Honorary Member is awarded to non-members who have made substantial and outstanding contributions to the community and/or TLC.  Honorary membership may be bestowed as Full or Affiliate.

Alumni Member is open to Founding and Charter Members, and any member who has been a Full Member for no less than three (3) years. T Alumni Member, have reached the point where he/she feels the need to become “inactive” for whatever personal reasons.

Founding Member. The Founding Members are Bill C., Kevin D., Nick D., Richard G., Stuart N., Michael P., Henry P., Randy T. and David Wr. Charter Members are those that joined shortly after the founding. We are thankful for their hard work in creating the group we are now entrusted with.

A Leather/SM Club Founded in 1990

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